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This therapeutic approach may include sessions attended by both parties as well as individual sessions for each member of the couple. Those who qualify for couples therapy are not limited to married couples; anyone in a relationship or domestic partnership can benefit from couples therapy. Any couple can benefit from couples therapy, even happy ones. Couples therapy is not the last stop on the road to divorce or separation, as many think. While it can serve as intervention during a time of crisis, it can also be a great way to deepen and enhance a connection and serve as a preventative measure against future difficulties. Couples therapy is also a good option for families dealing with mental illness in one member of the couple, giving the partner the tools he or she needs to support their partner.


Some believe that couples therapy can exacerbate issues, thinking that a counselor might take sides or alienation one of the partners. Nothing could be further from the truth with a well-trained mental health professional. The couples therapist will serve as an objective party and give each partner constructive tools for dealing with the relationship.

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