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My Approach

My mission is to assist you in achieving balance & equilibrium leading to healthy, productive living along with inner-connectedness and wholeness of your mind body, and soul. 

Restore Balance to as many people as I can. Crisis, pain, trauma, and unresolved issues bring disequilibrium into our bodies and into our lives.  When our coping skills are not effective enough to bring harmony back into our lives, help may be needed.  Disequilibrium is exacerbated in ways that bring on make us feel fragmented, broken, and/or disconnected from. This is the state of our body is out of alignment with itself.  I want to work with you to get back into a state of equilibrium. Upon having balance in your life, your life becomes full and whole again. It is important to me that you achieve your goals in therapy so you can become the best version of yourself that you can be.  Remember “Balance is Power.”​

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